Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Night Improv

We went to see a show at Dad's Garage tonight - it was my first time being out there. "Bob Frapple's Psychiatry" - basically they had the audience ask questions, performed a completely unrelated skit, and had the "doctor" try to extract meaning to answer the question. I got picked to do a typical improv performers provide the dialog, audience members try to act out the scene type of sketch. It ended up with me being the boss trying to pick up a coworker during a fire drill. They supplied all of my dialog and I had to try to go along with it. The guy introduced me as "I'm Chris, I like ... science." which was pretty excellent. It was a great time all in all, and we might even go back sometime...maybe even for another one of this show. Dim Sum is coming up, too, which we tried to see in the fall but was sold out. We'll see, but either way, it was great fun.

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