Monday, December 29, 2008

Griffin Support

Woo hoo long time no post! We'll see if I ever get any better, but don't get your hopes up - I'll probably spend most of my free time working on ideas for podcasts or businesses.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Griffin Technology support. Their product the SmartTalk has some durability issues, but they've always been great about giving replacements (at least to me) - they're clearly aware of the issue and willing to help.

I've contacted their support 3 times total (ironically all of these were cable durability problems, though only 2 related to the SmartTalk), and each time it's been a 5 minute, pleasant affair. No burning questions, long holds, or anything like that - simple, fast, helpful customer service.

Actually, most companies I've had to do warranty repair through have been at least nice about it. Maybe that reflects what kinds of companies I shop with. The only real problem I've had has been with Sony Ericsson - while I loved the product and their staff was nice, I've had to send in my phone twice now and they sent me back my same phone both times. That meant at least a notable delay (doubly unacceptable for cell phones), and unfortunately, not all of the issues were fixed. I'd say SE should be sending out refurbished phones to customers and requesting that they send the broken ones back. Many manufacturers do this; you just charge the customer for the new one if they don't return it. That way the customer never goes without a phone and you know the one they receive does not have issues.